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Golden Gate Music Bridge (GGMB) is a new, annual initiative dedicated to training San Francisco based public high school music students to produce and play chamber music concerts that engage communities often overlooked by the arts. Each year, over the course of a two-week long residency, students will attend workshops featuring community music and outreach professionals, meet with patients and leaders of rehabilitation and care centers, and rehearse and perform self-scripted chamber music concerts alongside Artist Mentors. Following this experience, students will build on their experience by independently creating an additional scripted community music concert for future performances. GGMB is a winner of the 2017 Father Eugène Merlet Award for Community Service given by Pro Musicis

Our Team

To learn more about our cofounders Elizabeth Dorman and Michael James Smith, 2017 Teaching Artists, and the program's advisors, Click HERE

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Core Values 

Free Instruction at the Highest Quality
Golden Gate Music Bridge (GGMB) will provide students with high level mentorship by employing highly accomplished chamber musicians and community arts professionals. Students will form chamber music groups of four to six players that include at least one Artist Mentor. Artist Mentors will coach rehearsals, guide the construction of interactive elements within the concert, and work individually with each student to develop communication and creative thinking skills that will push them to succeed both in GGMB and after. GGMB will be offered to students at no cost. 

Fulfilling Musical Immersion
Through the quality of the repertoire and the unique talents of each Artist Mentor, each student will meaningfully contribute towards special musical experiences through their joint, collaborative performances.

Providing Opportunities to Overlooked Audiences
GGMB is committed to giving free concerts to organizations and communities that benefit from the creative experiences of an interactive concert and personal connections to GGMB's students. Our first year includes performances at the Pomeroy Recreation and Rehabilitation Center

Culture of Community Engagement
GGMB embraces a philosophy that sees art as essential in serving the needs of society, encouraging students to understand music performance and community enrichment as a singular goal.

Bridging Networks
Through the spirit of collaboration, GGMB will build connections between arts and service communities in the Bay Area, working with partner organizations, community venues, local arts leaders, and a variety of music professionals to begin conversations and start new relationships. GGMB will use this network to offer students additional performing opportunities in the future.  

Goals for our Students

  • Developing skills in public speaking and understanding and addressing the needs of diverse audiences.

  • Enhancing training in chamber music by rehearsing and performing significant repertoire side by side with professional chamber musicians for audiences at rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and other community venues.

  • Writing scripts for interactive performances that frame substantial repertoire through discussions and activities.

  • Offering a model of community focused artistry in tandem with lifelong musicianship.

  • Establishing future performance opportunities for community populations across the Bay Area.

What is an Interactive Concert?

Interactive concerts place dialog and exchange at the heart of concert experience over standard presentation. Depending on the needs and abilities of an audience, these concerts invite listeners to participate in discussions and activities that build creative outcomes that frame the concert music as well as develop deeper connections with the performers.